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This is a photograph of C. L. McLeod and Hellen McLeod in their first airplane rides.

This is a photograph of the McLeod family including Chester, Ila, Cassius, Beulah, and Robert.

These are photographs of the McLeod horses on the farm, they were named Snip and Net.

This is a photograph of McLeod's Duroc hogs that are being shown at the state fair.

This is a photocopy of a homestead certificate.

This is the house and barn of Cassius and Florence McLeod, located south of Dannebrog. Beulah and Ila are pictured on the upper porch.

This is a photograph of various souvenirs.

This is a photograph of McLeod family with a detailed description of names, birth dates, and dates of death of Florence Pinch McLeod, Robert Leonard McLeod, Beulah Mabel McLeod, Chester Albert McLeod, Cassius Leland McLeod and Ila Ada McLeod (Hill)

This is a family photograph done by Christensen Company of Florence and Cassius McLeod prior to Ila's birth. From left: Chester (standing), Robert, and Cassius holding Beulah who was born June 10, 1903.

This is a photograph of Florence McLeod holding Beulah, born on June 10, 1909.
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