Shams Al-Badry


Shams Al-Badry


Shams Al-Badry is a refugee from Iraq who now lives in Lincoln, Nebraska. Ms. Al-Badry was born in 1991 and only lived in Iraq for about a month before being moved to a refugee camp in Saudi Arabia. One of her younger siblings was born in the refugee camp, and another was born in the United States. Her family was unable to bring very much with them, but they shared some of the items. This collection was contributed as part of the 2012 Lincoln Refugee History Harvest.


Shams Al-Badry, Lincoln Refugee History Harvest, 2012


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Collection Items

Gold Ring from Iraq
This gold ring was a gift to Shams Al-Badry's mother by Shams's grandmother. Ms. Al-Badry's mother received the ring while in the Saudi Arabia refugee camp, and was sent through a third party. The ring was one of very few possessions that her mother…

Tea and Tray Set from Iraq
The tea, saucer, and tray are representative of Ms. Al-Badry's native Iraqi culture. During our interview in Ms. Al-Badry's home, her mother provided refreshments, including Iraqi tea. The saucer is used for special occasions, such as having guests…

Shams Al-Badry in a Saudi Refugee Camp
This a picture of Shams Al-Badry, approximately age 2, being held by her mother (not pictured because she is not wearing a hijab). This photo was taken in their tent in the Iraqi refugee camp in Saudi Arabia. Ms. Al-Badry said it was not the typical…

Carpet from Iraq
This is an Iraqi carpet in Shams Al-Badry's Nebraska home. Rugs like these are common in Iraqi homes, and are often used for religious purposes. Ms. Al-Badry's mother purchased this rug on a recent visit to Iraq, and had it shipped to the United…

Shams Al-Badry Interview Regarding Mementos from Iraq and Saudi Arabia
Shams Al-Badry, a young woman born in Iraq shortly before her family fled to Saudi Arabia, shared some of her family's treasured possessions. Items include a ring, carpet, and tea set from Iraq and a photograph of Shams as a young child in the…
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