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Pemberton Collection


The Pemberton Collection contains a Federal Bureau of Investigation letter denying employment, a marriage license and two scrapbooks.

Contributors: Gale Pemberton

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Larson Collection


The Larson collection details various photographs of Cassius Leland McLeod and his family, who lived near Dannebrog, Nebraska.

Contributors: Joan Larson

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Larsen Collection


Lori Larsen donated a screwdriver. It was created and used in Dannebrog, Nebraska.

Contributors: Lori Larsen

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Jacobsen Collection


The Jacobsen Collection details various events experienced by the people of Dannebrog, Nebraska. This includes sheets of music, war photographs,…

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Fenton Collection


The Fenton Collection contains various photographs of household items, residents of Dannebrog, Nebraska, churches and Columbia Hall.

Contributors: Janet Fenton

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Cumming Collection


The Cumming Collection contains a deed and abstract about the creamery and the house next to the creamery in Dannebrog, Nebraska.

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Sisters of Notre Dame


The Sisters of Notre Dame arrived in the United States in 1910 to administer the Hessoun Orphanage in Fenton, Missouri. They relinquished control of…

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Trish McCarron


The collection includes a 1918-19 Broken Bow High School football and basketball ticket.

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Roxann Erikson Ellison

The collection includes an interview of Roxann Erikson Ellison. In the interview Roxann talks about her grandparents sod house near Comstock.

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Marry Blackburn


The collection includes artifacts related to the Palmer Writing Method. The Palmer Method became the premier writing system in the United States in…

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