Native Omaha Days


Native Omaha Days


Native Omaha Days is a bi-annual community event that was established in 1976. The event works as a homecoming for Native Omahans who have left the city. Those who gather for the event enjoy parades, dances, and other community events. One of the aims of Native Omaha Days is to preserve and pass on cultural and historical legacies of the North Omaha community. The newspaper clippings and montages below are part of that legacy. The pictures and articles represent many historical aspects of life in North Omaha and serve to promote both pride of past accomplishments and rememberance of past struggles.

By exploring the business and advertisement or jazz and music sections of this page, it is easy to see how these clippings could instill a viewer with pride in a community that thrived in a variety of locally owned businesses and music venues. The wedding, birthday, and family sections emphasize the strength of the North Omaha community ties that still survive into the present. The youth and sports activity sections showcase the community's ability to find enjoyment even in times of segregation and oppression.

These clippings also showcase North Omaha as a community that actively fought against racism and oppression. Through clubs, protests, and other modes of resistance, the community members of North Omaha were active particpants of the Civil Rights Movement and struggled to end unfair hiring practices and police brutality in their neighborhoods. This community has a legacy of hard work and community participation that yielded results.

These images are parts of montages that were created by community members and are displayed during Native Omaha Days. This collection was contributed as part of the 2011 North Omaha History Harvest.


Native Omaha Days, North Omaha History Harvest, 2011


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Picketing Continues at Reeds
This article describes an effort by the DePorres Club of Omaha to compel Reed's Ice Cream to hire African American employees. The DePorres Club was a civil rights organization that operated in Omaha between 1947 and 1960. Members included Mildred…

Wedding and Reception held for Rev. and Mrs. David Benton
This wedding announcement for Reverend and Mrs. David Benton appeared in the Omaha Star. The couple held their wedding reception at the local Y.W.C.A. They planned to spend their three-week honeymoon in New York City and visit Niagara Falls. For…

Tululah's Home Cooked Meals Advertisement
This is an advertisement for Tululah's Home Cooked Meals that appeared in the Omaha Star. The restaurant was located at 2422 Burdette Street in North Omaha. The menu featured traditional soul food options such as fried chicken, green, potatoes, and…

Joe Davis Jr. Celebrates His 10th Birthday
This clipping is one of many birthday announcements that appeared in the Omaha Star. The coverage of events such as these, including the list of attendees, illustrates the closeness of the North Omaha community. For interviews and oral histories of…

Judith Goldstein Celebrates 6th Birthday with Party
This clipping is one of many birthday announcements that appeared in the Omaha Star. The coverage of events such as these illustrates the closeness of the North Omaha community. For interviews and oral histories of this and other items please visit…

Community Involvement Collage
This collage depicts several examples of community involvement. The articles vary in topic, but include pastors at the St. John Baptist Church and the African Methodist Episcopal Church. For interviews and oral histories of this and other items…

Presenting the Proud Winners in Omaha Star's Second Bike Contest
This image is of Joseph Shearron, the winner of the Omaha Star's 1949 bicycle contest. The Omaha Star held this contest for its paper boys every twelve weeks. Miller won the contest by selling the most newspapers. The Schwinn bicycle was presented by…

1955 Edition of Sphinx Club
This is a photo of the 1955 pledge class of the Sphinx Club. They are part of the Beta Xi Lambda and Beta Beta chapters of the Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity. According to the article, "Chapter Secretary Welcome T. Bryant said, 'We feel that we have one…

Scholarship Given
This image shows three photographs from the Omaha Star newspaper. The image on the left shows Anna Williams being presented with a scholarship from a women's club in North Omaha. The two images on the right show some events from the Centennial…

Elk's Drum Corp Party
This newspaper clip shows a group picture of a youth drum corps that was sponsored by the Elk's Club of North Omaha. This picture was taken at a celebratory party for the drum corp, sponsored by the B.P.O.E. (Benevolent Protective Order of…
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