Don Dingman


Don Dingman


Don Dingman Artifact Collection


Collection of artifacts belonging to Don Dingman, Kearney, Nebraska. Many items were incorporated from the previous collection of Buffalo County resident, Merwyn Henderson. Additionally, many of the artifacts in the collection are representative of early Nebraska frontier forts (i.e. Fort Kearny, Fort McPherson). Ephemera, photographs and historical objects primarily that relate to Nebraska are included.


Robert Roy Foresman
UNK History Harvest
Director: Dr. Jinny A. Turman


Don Dingman


University of Nebraska at Kearney




University of Nebraska at Kearney-History Harvest
Robert Roy Foresman (Curator)
Dr. Tom Kiffmeyer (Digital Photographic Archivist)
Dr. Jinny A. Turman (Project Director)


History Department-University of Nebraska at Kearney


History Harvest


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Fort McPherson, Fort Kearny, Fort Laramie, Doby town, Solomon Butcher, Buffalo County,

Collection Items

Glenwood Park Resort
Photography by S.D. Butcher of people row boating and enjoying the "Glenwood Park Resort" and that a "Mr. C. Nelson" [Charles Nelson] owns the Prop. [Property]

Chautauqua Tent in Minden, Nebraska
Photograph of "Chautauqua System" tent taken in Minden, NE. by L.E. Partridge with spectators. Man is paying admission with small dog at receipt gate. Dates hand-written on photo indicate Aug. 22-30, unspecified year.

"I Am Looking For You"
Black and white postcard photograph of Sadie Austin and horse, a.k.a. Cherry County Cowgirl. Photo was taken by Solomon D. Butcher of S. D. Butcher & Son Photography Studio. It is addressed to Miss Martin of Elm Creek, Nebraska.

Nebraska Potatoes Postcard
Humorous postcard meant to illustrate how fertile Nebraska's farmland was. Photograph has been altered by Solomon D. Butcher in order to make the potatoes in the cart look gigantic.

Platte River Bridge
Postcard of Platte River Bridge, Kearney, Nebraska

Platte River Bridge, Elm Creek Photograph
Black and white photograph of the Platte River Bridge near Elm Creek, Nebraska.

Empress Theatre
Colored photograph of the Empress Theatre in Kearney, Nebraska. The theater opened on September 21, 1914. The named changed to Fort Theater during the 1940s and officially closed in 1993. Today, the building still stands as Fort Dentistry in Kearney,…

E.J. Woolworthia Residence-Tornado Damage
Damage from Tornado that occurred in Kearney, 6/4/1908

Morning after Kearney's First Cyclone
Postcard with black and white photograph of the damage left by a tornado that went through Kearney, Nebraska on June 6, 1908.

Doan College and Kearney State Normal Thanksgiving Football, 1907
Black and white postcard of a football game between Doan Colage (sic) (probably Doane College of Nebraska) and Kearney State Normal School during Thanksgiving of 1907. Photograph taken by Solomon D. Butcher of S. D. Butcher & Son Photography Studio.
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