Charlotte Littlefield's Letter Telling Her Family History


Charlotte Littlefield's Letter Telling Her Family History




This is a long letter Charlotte Littlefield wrote to her Daughter Josephine (?) from the Pershing Hospital in Grand Island, Nebraska telling her about the family history and the Pioneer days in 1864 when her family came to Nebraska from Illinois to homestead. Charlotte describes the hardships of moving, Her father's household, and the hospitality on the prairie. The letter was most probably written in the November 1940, when Charlotte was 77, although it may come from an earlier or later date.

Charlotte (Lotta) Littlefield (nee Roberts) was Joseph Littlefield's second wife, whom he married in 1887 after his first wife Hellen died in 1881. Robertses came to Nebraska from Illinois in 1864 to homestead in Cass County.

The letter comes from the collection of Terri and Dave Mabon. Dave Mabon is Charlotte Littlefield's great-grandson.

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Terri and Dave Mabon, Nebraska City History Harvest, 2010


1940 circa


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Pershing Hospital JG Honne (?) Novem
Grand Island Neb before 6


My Dear Josephine
I was rummaging thro
my suit case for some
(?) breeches I know
I had them out (?) I that
she put them either in
my zip bag or the other
She may have taken
them out of bad & left them
upon(?) stairs in my room
They were (?) frins good
enough for here. I weare
my K(?) over gown
& can't keep it to gather
(?) I may as well wear
a good one



Josephine told you a
bout my rummaging found
a lat(?) of last treasurer but (?)
of (?) (?) of our twip
to Wyo all so of reunion 1904
&this letter from cousin
Ed real family history
I believe I don't think you
girls have seen it.
When you read it a(?) it
to Verna she is to put it
in luch boy (?). I think it
should be read next
year at Seward at the
family picnic. I feel
sure some of the Bricker (?)
folks will want a copy
Perhaps (?) one of Harrys


(?) morning can't
keep track of other
Girls would tike off
copier if I am there
would be glad to pay
her something for it.
I asked cousin Ell for
a history of mother from
the time she landed in
(?) till they started
from Ill. But he was just(?)
a small boy & it was not
longe before she was war
reid. and fine (?) dis
tance went a long ways
back in those days,
& they did not (?) ablur
(?) (?) know further not 5
children when mother morned
youngest little more then 2

Page 1

Now some of my early
history. Father left Ill in
May 1864 with two covered
wagons all his house
hold goods and 9 children
for good measure
one yoke of oxen one yolk
of cows that would fur-
nish with for children
I was one year old in La(?)
before leaving. Coming that
perhapz father might have
had another cow/dark boy(?)
filly perhaps ½ two (?)
(?) and a dark boy
stallion Correct spelling
one year old of the tuckho



Page 2

breed & called tuck
That better father got his start
of horses. All so 8 head
of sheep a coop of chickens
A brindle dog hart bull
rest cuz(?) (?) plenty of
fight. And plenty of "kids"
to drive stock. We made
a bout eight miles a day
some timez ten to reach
a casping place,
Fathers family had help
hoid(?) (?) polsit(?)
water do not remember how
how many were doun at
                                  in 91 (?)
one time hence not young


Page 3

had to have you extised(?)
(?) to be on homestead
he + mother & I baby had
been ont(?) fall before&
filed or what ever was
required to be done
Sarah Anne &Adam Bucker
left Ill in March 1864 &
Brother Joe was not sick
so came with them to help
(?) is a little crop for father
put is a little crop for father
Joe had a light attackt of
the fever on way out
The Bricker's of Joe went to


South Bend Neb. There
is where lived till he could
build a shanty 12x20
not sure but think all in one
Rather think Brother John
was borne there & was to (erased)
young to remember.
(?) Francis & Jesse
Jay were both home in
in the big white house
on the as it was known
(?) wide and it was truly
the house beside the road
Father never refuse a night's
lodging or meal to anyone


There is more I might
tell of those pioneer days
But I am tired been
since before&
with ont for breakfast
7.05 (?) by (?)
ust think I am going
sloly lane Mother

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