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Germans from Russia in Nebraska

In the Fall of 2014 the University of Nebraska-Lincoln family histories project worked with the Germans from Russia community. The main History Harvest was held at the Germans from Russia Museum in Lincoln on October 18, 2014. 

Around 1890 one could hear more German than English on the streets of Omaha. With this project we want to shed light on the rich history and legacy of German-speaking immigrants to Nebraska from various countries and regions in Europe while focusing on the Germans from Russia community. 

Seven students under the guidance of Prof. Gerald Steinacher were looking for diaries, photographs, letters, maps, images, war memorabilia, and other family and cultural heirlooms. “Harvested” family artifacts were photographed, digitized and returned to the owners. Students then posted a selection of these family treasures on the History Harvest website to make them available online for Nebraskans and interested people worldwide. For the exhibition we feature a selection of items that demonstrate the culture of German immigrants, but also the increasing Americanization following World War I.