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This wedding announcement for Reverend and Mrs. David Benton appeared in the Omaha Star. The couple held their wedding reception at the local Y.W.C.A. They planned to spend their three-week honeymoon in New York City and visit Niagara Falls. For…

This clipping from the Omaha Star shows a group of children at the Church of Tabernacle First Christ posing at their Easter program. For interviews and oral histories of this and other items please visit the History Harvest YouTube Channel.

This collage shows a number of organizations within the North Omaha community. The images vary in topic, but include a Family of the Week picture, a scholarship announcement, and a picture of the winners of the Carnation Lounge's Amateur Hour…

This image of a Christmas tree dedication, held at the Christ Child Center, appeared in the Omaha Star newspaper.

For interviews and oral histories of this and other items please visit the History Harvest YouTube Channel.

This is an image of an Omaha Star article on a Baptist youth rally held in 1949. The youth group organized the rally and featured a speaker and musical entertainment. The elected youth leaders of the group were Terry Young, Thomasleta Spence, Margie…

This collage displays a wide range of community involvement programs and activities throughout North Omaha. This section is composed primarily of youth events, including a group of youth delegates was planning a trip to a national convention in Los…

This collage from the Omaha Star includes an article on the Mayor's Bi-Racial Committee, a photo of a priest, and a police squad car.

The article reads,

We the members of the Omaha Archdiocesan Catholic Interracial Council stat in spirit and…

This collage depicts several wedding announcements from community members of the Near North Side. The captions note churches such as St. Phillip's Episcopal Church and the Salem Baptist Church. For interviews and oral histories of this and other…
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