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Omaha Archdiocesan Catholic Interracial Council Recommendations To Mayor's Bi-Racial Committee

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Omaha Archdiocesan Catholic Interracial Council Recommendations To Mayor's Bi-Racial Committee


This collage from the Omaha Star includes an article on the Mayor's Bi-Racial Committee, a photo of a priest, and a police squad car.

The article reads,

We the members of the Omaha Archdiocesan Catholic Interracial Council stat in spirit and in action with Archbishop Gerald T. (?)'s statement of policy (July 3, 1963) regarding Fair Employment and Open Occupancy in Housing. We strongly recommend the following actions to the Omaha Bi-Racial Committee:

1. The employers represent on this committee should publicize their policy of fair employment through Omaha Public and Private high school and college counselors. They should distribute a list of jobs currently available and the projected outlook for the next 10 years. This list should also include the academic or special training requirements for each occupation.
2. The Committee should make a positive attempt to break through the trades and crafts minority employment barrier.
3. The employers on this committee should initiate a recruitment program to secure qualified Negro college graduates for employment in the Engineering, Accounting and Personnel Fields and for Management Training Programs.
4. The employers on this committee should inform employment agencies that they are not in a prospective employee's color.
5. The Committee should assist Negroes, Indians, or other members of racial minority groups to overcome the handicap of past discriminatory practices. This assistance could be in the form granting loans to students, scholarships, or similar assistance...
6. The Committee should issue reports of progress quarterly to the Omaha Community.

1. The Bi-Racial Committee should adopt a resolution of Open Occupancy for Omaha Housing.
2. The Omaha Real Estate Board should also adopt an Open Occupancy for Omaha Housing.
3. The Omaha Real Estate Board must accept licensed Negro realtors of Omaha as members.
4. The City Council, with the backing of this committee, should pass a Fair Housing Ordinance of substance and courage.
5. This committee should obtain and distribute literature on "What to do in a racially changing neighborhood." (Aimed at stemming panic selling).

1. We strongly feel that the Mayor should immediately hire a full-time professional staff person and a secretary to work with the Human Relations Board.
2. The Businesses and groups represented on this Bi-Racial Committee should, for a definite period, donate some of their employees to form a staff to implement the decisions of this committee.

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Native Omaha Days, North Omaha History Harvest, 2011


Omaha Star




Native Omaha Days


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Omaha (Neb.)

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