Cathy Maasdam


Cathy Maasdam


This collection features photographs, letters, newspapers, school memorabilia and Maasdam's ancestor's history from the 1880's to 1920. The family lived in North Bend and Morse Bluff, Nebraska. This collection also includes a photograph of Suzette LaFlesche Tibbles, daughter of "Iron Eye" LaFlesche, former chief of the Omaha Indian Tribe. This collection was contributed at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln spring 2014 History Harvest.


Cathy Maasdam, Nebraska History Harvest, 2014


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Cathy Maasdam

Collection Items

Portrait of Suzette LaFlesche
Suzette LaFlesche, also known as Princess "Bright Eyes" was the daughter of "Iron Eye" LaFlesche, chief of the Omaha Native American tribe. One of the first women to attend the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, she died 7 June 1903.

JD Clair Smith Jr., 1911
Portrait of JD Clair Smith Jr, son of JD Clair and Olive Felber Smith taken in 1911 in Hartington, NE.

Fleming Family Portrait
Portrait of the Fleming family featuring Walter and Julia Fleming, and their children: Mort, Ada, Walter Jr, Allen, and Robert. The date of this portrait is unknown.

Pageler Family Portrait in a Car
Portrait of the Pageler family sitting in a car in Saunders County, Nebraska (Most likely Cedar Bluffs). The photograph includes: Grayce, Victoria Pageler, Jack, Wiebke Pageler (1888-1988), Hans Pageler, Robert H. Fleming (1888-), Malinda Pageler,…

Robert Harrison and Walter Fleming
Portrait of brothers Robert Harrison and Walter Fleming taken at a studio in North Bend, Nebraska in the early 1890's.

Wiebke Maria Magdalena Pageler
A postcard photograph featuring Wiebke Maria Magdalena Pageler in a tall hat. Ms. Pageler was born 1888 and died 1988.

Children in Morse Bluffs, Nebraska
School photograph of children. Postcard includes names and ages written on the back. Kathleen J. Fleming (Cathy Maasdams mother) second from left in back row. Morse Bluffs, Nebraska (Grades 1-3) Public School District 14.

Robert Harrison Fleming
A photograph on a postcard of Robert Harrison Fleming in a hat and suit circa 1911.

Olive L Felber's Bellevue College Scholarship, May 25, 1900
Document to Olive L. Felber from Bellevue College awarding her a $50.00 scholarship per year for three years. This was written May 25, 1900, and signed by David R. Kerr who was the president of Bellevue College.

Letter of Recommendation from James T. Lees to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, August 20, 1900
This document is a letter of recommendation for Olive Felber from James T. Lees, the chairman of enrollment. The letter states that Olive Felber wishes to transfer from Omaha to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. The letter explains her interests…
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