Ann's Letter to Charlotte Littlefield Discussing Family History (1)


Ann's Letter to Charlotte Littlefield Discussing Family History (1)




This is a letter to Charlotte Littlefield from her sister Anna and her husband Theodore. Anna probably wrote this letter in the late 1930s or early 1940s, since this is the time the interest in family history rekindles.

Charlotte (Lotta) Littlefield (nee Roberts) was Joseph Littlefield's second wife, whom he married in 1887 after his first wife Hellen died in 1881. Robertses came to Nebraska from Illinois in 1864 to homestead in Cass County.

The letter comes from the collection of Terri and Dave Mabon. Dave Mabon is Charlotte Littlefield's great-grandson.

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Terri and Dave Mabon, Nebraska City History Harvest, 2010


1940 circa


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Ann's Letter to Charlotte Littlefield Discussing Family History (2),








Dear sister Lottie
a little note to remind you that
I have not forgotten your birthday
I am so glad to see you looking
well and we wish you many happy
birthdays to follow. We were glad
to have had the little visit with
you and your family. So glad to
have seen Harry again and also
to meet his wife. She seemed very
pleasant and interesting. Gill(?) and
Verma(?) are such worth while young
people. We hope that the elements
will not dry them out this coming
year but give them Nebraska in
general an abundant crop.
we too feel very much warmed over

the condition of Josephine's little girl
and hope that the will be marked im-
provement when we hear again.
Lottie I talked with our (?)est  Supervisor
in our schools about having copies
of mothers picture made – She knows the
picture well. Thinks there is noone
here now who could do it. There was
but she has gone. She told megapho-
tographes who might be able to do it
I will see him soon – and let you know
what he has today. A few years ago
before the old home burned Ray Reas(?)
took a Kodac picture of it I asked him
when we were there in June to get it
for me. He kept neglecting it and only
got it two or three days before it (?)

which I think was in September. I thought
it was Pioneer History, Built before
the Burlington R R came into Nebr.
The Stage coach stopped there to lease and

take mail on their route. Freighters
from Nebr City and Plattsmouth on
the trail to Denver passed by long
(?) (?) Mr Knowles held
services there every other week on Sun
afternoon and as I have said to our
children – it was "Community
Centre" without being named such
Rays Kodac was very small but you
can have the picture made larger
if you wish. Lulu(?) had one made for
one 7x5 inches. It is a very good picture
if you would like to have a picture of
the old house I will send you the
film. I am enclosing the one Ray had
finished. Theo thinks mine is 8x5 inches
I went into the house but not upstairs
Some changes which were an improve
ment. You were in California then

your visits have been so short that
we did not have time to think of
nor talk of our doingo(?) . You must
come when you can stay long
enough that we will get caught up
on our visiting. I am enclosing
the picture of the old home that Ray
had finished. The larger one that Lulu(?)

Had made for me shows up better.
We hope that you have a comfortable
winter and keep well.

With love to you and yours-
Theodore and Anna

Should I address letters to Verna(?) to
Aurora or Hampton?

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