Ann's Letter to Charlotte Littlefield Discussing Family History (2)


Ann's Letter to Charlotte Littlefield Discussing Family History (2)




This is a letter to Charlotte Littlefield from her sister Anna and her husband Theodore. Anna probably wrote this letter in the late 1930s or early 1940s, since this is the time the interest in family history rekindles.

Charlotte (Lotta) Littlefield (nee Roberts) was Joseph Littlefield's second wife, whom he married in 1887 after his first wife Hellen died in 1881. Robertses came to Nebraska from Illinois in 1864 to homestead in Cass County.

The letter comes from the collection of Terri and Dave Mabon. Dave Mabon is Charlotte Littlefield's great-grandson.

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Terri and Dave Mabon, Nebraska City History Harvest, 2010


1940 circa


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Ann's Letter to Charlotte Littlefield Discussing Family History (1),








Dear Sister,
I have intended writing you
for some time in regard to the
old home. But have had a
slight cold and felt rather
(?)less. Then as you know I
have so much writing to do that
some of it is pushed back for lack
of time. I do not re-member just
what I wrote you – But the Burlington
(C-B-rd-) crossed with Nebr at Platto
(?) in July 1869. And then then pushed
on to Ashland and Lincoln. We were
living in the house. Then I can re
member that a number of the men
used to come to our house for food
we cooked and ate in the basement

and slept I think on first floor you
may re-member that the rooms were
furnished by peace-meal and the room
intended for our parlor not finished
until J-M took the place over. The
Congregational church was organized in
Ashland in may 1871 So that
I presume Rev (?) Knowles only preached
from the time we moved in until then
Rev Ara Farnell (?) you will remember was
the first pastor at Ashland for the  Con-
gregational church. The (?) (?) that
did not pass our place. But the freight-
ers going from Nebr City and Plattsmouth
to Denver and other points west. I will
keep on making inquiry in regards
copy of mothers picture. If you want to
write G.G. I think a letter to Siux Falls
would be forwarded. Keep well-
Dearest love
Theodore and Anna

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