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This photo is of Frank Oddo, an Italian immigrant from Carlentini, Italy. Oddo became a U.S. citizen in 1934 at the age of 23. According to his daughter, Mary, Oddo was "always clowning" as seen in the photo.

This item is the birth certificate of Francisco Oddo or Frank Oddo as he would later be known as in the U.S. Oddo was born in Carlentini, Italy in 1911. The certificate was issued on September 27, 1938.

This item is a Certificate of Marriage issued on September 27, 1938 in Carlentini, Italy.

Paul Oddo, an immigrant from Carlentini, Italy, was arrested for falsifying information on his immigration paperwork. According to the article, Oddo marked that he had never been arrested; however, he was arrested for violating the Prohibition Act in…

This is a memorial plaque for Little Italy in Omaha, located on Pierce Street near the St. Lucia Hall.

Santa Lucia Banner for the festival - text on banner reads in Italian "Gruppo Femminile Santa Lucia" (Transl.: "Women's Group Santa Lucia"). This banner was once used by the women's group of the St. Lucia festival.

This article details Judge Samuel P. Caniglia's acceptance of an award for distinguished service from Grand Venerable Anthony Salerno.

This photo from a newspaper pictures a woman named Mrs. Josephine Petillo as she is awarded a medal of merit from the Santa Lucia ladies' group by Maria D'Agosta. Pictured also is Chairman Samuel P. Caniglia.

These two items illustrate Samuel P. Caniglia's career as a judge--both its beginning and end. Caniglia is Josephine Lomeier's brother. He is referred to as 'Papa Joe' Caniglia.

This card is a piece of memorabilia from Salvatore and Maria Aletta, who owned a grocery store in Little Italy of Omaha. The card features pictures of them and asks the card holder to remember them, reading "I want you to have this token of the time…
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