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The book Cigars and Wires by Jon L. Blecha features Josephine Lomeier's aunt and her business in Little Italy, Omaha. The book discusses the bootlegging businesses of the prohibition era.

This card is from the Caniglia's family reunion, and lists the name of the family members.

This article, from an unknown source, tells the history of the Omaha Italians. Sebastiano Salerno, originally from Carlentini Sicily, was the padrone of many Sicilians who came to Omaha. Sebastiano Troia and Charles Mangimelli were one of the…

The document outlines the life of Santa Lucia, being born noble to taking a vow of chastity and journeying with her mother to pay homage to Saint Agata's tomb where her mother was cured. Santa Lucia eventually became the patron saint of Carlentini,…

Charles Venditte and sons Chuck and Ross are pictured in front of the Santa Lucia Hall.

This photo and article depict the men of Little Italy who served for the United States during World War II. According to the text, they had uniformed parties to commemorate the war. Almost everyone who grew up in Little Italy is related to one of…

This card depicts the Santa Lucia statue used for the Santa Lucia Festival in Omaha, Neb. in August 1925. The text below the statue reads: "Santa Lucia Vergine e Martire, Patrona di Carlentini, Colony of Omaha, Neb., August, 1925." (Transl.: Virgin…

Joan Calandra was crowned queen of the Santa Lucia Festival in 1954.

This is a flyer for the grand opening of Bernard Calandra's fourth store opening for the Calandra Camera Company in Council Bluffs, Iowa. It advertises fun, prizes, and special gifts for the children and women.

Photo Industry published this article about the opening of the Calandra Camera Company in 1948. It details the grandiose event that took place and praises its success.
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