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Bri-Tone was Bernard Calandras' photo finishing business. These pamphlets are examples of the company's work, and are promoting a new product.

This is a group photo of the National Photographic Dealer's Association trade dinner held on August 20, 1941 in Chicago. Bernard Calandra is seated in the lower right hand corner.

Black and white portrait of an Italian couple who were the distant ancestors to distinguished Little Italy resident, Regina Laguzza.

Black and white photo of an all women's Italian club founded around the Santa Lucia festival.

Photo depicts Flaminio and other Italian Men outside a building where they worked at and was owned by the railroad.

Before Bernard Calandra started Calandra Camera Company, he first started the Acme Studio. Here he sold cameras and printed photos. This business would eventually merge into the Calandra Camera Co.

This photo of Bernard Calandra was displayed in all Calandra Camera Company stores. After immigrating to the United States, Calandra was a dishwasher by day and learned English at night in New York City. He then came to Omaha, Neb. Here he had a pony…

Bernard Calandra bought this pony when he first came to Omaha, Neb. as a part of his small photography business. He went around the neighborhood knocking on doors, asking parents if their children wanted a photo. These pictures were his source of…

This is the original store opened by Bernard Calandra on 15th and Douglas in Omaha, Neb. Calandra Camera Company would eventually grow into at least 28 stores in different state by the time the company was sold in 1972.

This is a postcard Bernard sent his family while he was serving in the Italo-Turkish War. It says that he sends his best and to give kisses.
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