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    This “1917 Jazz Band Sensation” is an instrumental song composed by Maceo Pinkard of “Sweet Georgia Brown” fame. Janice Cleary, who owns this amazing collection, informed us that Pinkard was a booking agent in Omaha before he moved on to New York. It was dedicated to Sophie Tucker’s (5) Kings of Syncopation who popularized the tune. The song was available for player pianos and for what the publisher refers to as talking machines, better known as record players, which were just becoming popular at the time.

    The cover of this sheet music features a photograph of Sophie Tucker’s Kings of Syncopation framed by an illustration of a man playing piano and a young couple dancing. There is an ad for another Pinkard tune, “I’m a Real Kind Mama, Looking for a Loving Man” in the sheet music and credit for his song, “Just Give Me That Ragtime Please”. The composer's own Maceo Pinkard Music Publishing in Omaha, Nebraska published the song.

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