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The Kearney High Class of 1905 attending their reunion as shown in The Kearney Hub Newspaper. The photograph originally appeared in the Hub in 1960.

Wedding of Mark and Mary Anne Atchison at the Fort Kearney Hotel circa 1942. The first black and white photo shows the newly wed couple Mark and Mary Anne Atchison, with family on either side -- the bride's family to the left and the groom's to the…

An assortment of Atchison Family Photos ranging from the 1890's to the 1940's.These photos range in size. Included are photos of Fred Muller & Caithleen Muller Matthews. The child is either Mark Atchison (Dan Atchison's father) or one 0f his…

A black and white photograph of the Kearney chapter of the Knights of Columbus. Mark Atchison and brother-in-law Fred Nye stand with their fellow members of the Knights of Columbus.

Various photos of collected by the Atchison family of early Kearney residents.
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