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These clippings discuss the significance the Blue Mills Co. and water power in Nebraska history.

This postcard contains artistic renderings of two Kearney, Nebraska hospitals. The top picture is East Sun, the state tuberculosis hospital. Today it has been remodeled and assimilated into the UNK campus. The lower image depicts Good Samaritan…

A postcard containing two artistic renderings of Kearney, Nebraska's Central Avenue. Central Avenue has long been a center of economic activity in Kearney. It's location near the railroad has made it a community hub since the town's earliest days.…

These menus and ads from the Coral Cafe in Kearney, Nebraska span the entirety of the restaurant's existence. The Corral Cafe served American and Oriental cuisine from their location on Highway 30 from 1968-1983

This is a postcard depicting Kearney, Nebraska's original U.S. Post Office building. Erected in 1910, this building has since become the Museum of Nebraska Arts.

A post card with the historic Midway Hotel and Kearney, Nebraska's Soldiers' Monument. The Midway Hotel depicted on this postcard was once the pride of Kearney. It was quite possibly the most ornate building in the town before it burned down and was…

This postcard contains a picture of a Alfalfa Dehydrating and Processing Plant on the front. The plant was located in Gothenburg, Nebraska. This item was donated at the University of Nebraska-Kearney's spring 2014 History Harvest.

Various photos of collected by the Atchison family of early Kearney residents.

A black and white photograph of the Kearney chapter of the Knights of Columbus. Mark Atchison and brother-in-law Fred Nye stand with their fellow members of the Knights of Columbus.

An assortment of Atchison Family Photos ranging from the 1890's to the 1940's.These photos range in size. Included are photos of Fred Muller & Caithleen Muller Matthews. The child is either Mark Atchison (Dan Atchison's father) or one 0f his…
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