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A story by Maggie Tunning in The Encounter Magazine from the September/October 2008 issue. It discusses Little Italy in Omaha, its history and its future.

Certificate of Naturalization for Angela Brogna, from August 17, 1942. Former nationality was Italian. Angela was 56.

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Copy of Ship's Manifest. Ship was the S. S. Barbarossa and is the second photograph. It sailed from Naples in 1900. Salvatore Monaco was a passenger who settled in Omaha, he is Pam Rowland's grandfather. They were both from Carlentini. Third…

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Copy of Concetta Monico's funeral program. She immigrated from Italy as a young girl and died in Nebraska at the age of 104.

Dark liquid (presumably alcohol) in a glass jar. Mike Fisk found it while digging in Omaha. Unknown if it is from the Prohibition era.

Invoice from Sortino Bros. wholesale fruits and vegetables to Carl Laggzza. Located in Omaha.

Printed out copy of the ship's manifest from the Koenig Albert. On the second page can be seen a list of people leaving from Carlentini, Italy, where most of Omaha's Italian population came from. Three names are marked: Angela Militti, Antonino…

The woman featured in the photograph was the one who raised the money in order to fund the statue of Santa Lucia, used for the Santa Lucia Festival in the early 1920s. The statue is kept in the Santa Lucia Catholic Church.

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In the late 1890s, Chuck's great-grandparents came from Carlentini. They worked as bakers in the Little Italy community in Omaha.

Photograph of Concetta and Salvatore Monaco in Little Italy, Omaha.
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