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Copy of Concetta Monico's funeral program. She immigrated from Italy as a young girl and died in Nebraska at the age of 104.

Photograph of the inside of Salvatore and Concetta Monaco's store on 9th and Pierce in Little Italy Omaha. They both came over from Carlentini Italy.

A story by Maggie Tunning in The Encounter Magazine from the September/October 2008 issue. It discusses Little Italy in Omaha, its history and its future.

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In the late 1890s, Chuck's great-grandparents came from Carlentini. They worked as bakers in the Little Italy community in Omaha.

The woman featured in the photograph was the one who raised the money in order to fund the statue of Santa Lucia, used for the Santa Lucia Festival in the early 1920s. The statue is kept in the Santa Lucia Catholic Church.

Dark liquid (presumably alcohol) in a glass jar. Mike Fisk found it while digging in Omaha. Unknown if it is from the Prohibition era.

Handmade cameo brooch from the 19th Century (c. 1870). The cameo is carved from shell and is bordered by 24 carat gold. The original fastener pin on the back is still intact and functioning. The carved scene depicts a woman walking near a town or…

Colored postcard of the old City Hall of Kearney, Nebraska. Postcard is blank. On the back it says "Made in Germany."

Colored postcard of the Grothan Elmwood Sanitarium established c. 1908 by Dr. Ole and Dr. Georgiana Grothan. In 1911, after the doctor couple divorced, the building was sold to the state of Nebraska and converted into living quarters for the…

Colored postcard with a picture of the Buffalo County Courthouse. It is addressed to Mr. J. W. Frey of Omaha, Nebraska.
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