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IMG_20150620_0002 - Bridge Front.jpg
Black and white postcard of the mile-long Platte River bridge near Kearney, Nebraska. There is a man on a horse on the bridge. Photograph taken by Solomon D. Butcher. It is addressed to Mrs. P.A. Graham of Buchtel, Ohio.

IMG_20150620_0005 - Opera Front.jpg
Postcard, with black and white photograph of Kearney's Opera House taken by Solomon D. Butcher. It is addressed to Miss Lillian Hooper of Grand Island, Nebraska.

IMG_20150620_0001 - Homemade.jpg
Homemade postcard with hand-drawing and writing. It is addressed to Miss Jessie Kemp of Redington, Nebraska. The artwork on the front is a blue and gold pennant for (presumably) a school in Kearney, Nebraska, possibly Kearney State College, now UNK.

Colored postcard of the old City Hall of Kearney, Nebraska. Postcard is blank. On the back it says "Made in Germany."

Colored postcard of the United States Post Office in Kearney, Nebraska. The building, completed in 1911, was converted to the Museum of Nebraska Art (MONA) in 1986. The postcard is dated July 2, 1927 and is addressed to Miss Katherine Jones of Bruno,…

Colored postcard of the Grothan Elmwood Sanitarium established c. 1908 by Dr. Ole and Dr. Georgiana Grothan. In 1911, after the doctor couple divorced, the building was sold to the state of Nebraska and converted into living quarters for the…

Colored postcard depicting downtown street (now Central Ave.) in Kearney, Nebraska. To the left, the old post office is visible, which exists today as the Museum of Nebraska Art (MONA).

Colored postcard showing the Midway Hotel and the Soldier's Monument dedicated to those who served in the Civil War and the Spanish-American War. The Midway Hotel burned down, but the monument still stands in Kearney. The Midway Hotel was named for…
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