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Postcard, with black and white photograph of Kearney's Opera House taken by Solomon D. Butcher. It is addressed to Miss Lillian Hooper of Grand Island, Nebraska.

Original paper homestead certificate presented to Albert More of Grand Island in 1884, Nebraska from the General Land Office of the United States. Albert More is a familial ancestor of Sara and Terrence Holoubeck. The Homestead Act was passed by…

Original paper deed for land ownership presented to Roswell D. Gould of Buffalo County, Nebraska in 1879, ancestor to Sara and Terrence Holoubeck. The deed was presented to Gould by the General Land Office at Grand Island, Nebraska of the United…

Certificate for Albert More, a family ancestor of Terrence and Sara Holoubeck. The certificate is original, paper, and stamped with United States Seal. The certificate was issued as part of the 1873 Timber Culture Act by Congress to encourage…
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