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This Omaha Star image shows a women's bowling team that was sponsored by Crosstown Cleaners. For interviews and oral histories of this and other items please visit the History Harvest YouTube Channel.

This is a holiday advertisement for Joe's Record Agency. Joe's Record Agency was located on N 24th St in North Omaha, and the ad appeared in the community newspaper, the Omaha Star. For interviews and oral histories of this and other items please…

This image is of Joseph Shearron, the winner of the Omaha Star's 1949 bicycle contest. The Omaha Star held this contest for its paper boys every twelve weeks. Miller won the contest by selling the most newspapers. The Schwinn bicycle was presented by…

This is an advertisement for Tululah's Home Cooked Meals that appeared in the Omaha Star. The restaurant was located at 2422 Burdette Street in North Omaha. The menu featured traditional soul food options such as fried chicken, green, potatoes, and…
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