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A piece of mail sent to Mr. and Mrs. J.D. Clair Smith of Hartington, Nebraska. The letter was sent from friends from Sioux City, Iowa for the Christmas season.

This envelope is addressed to Kathleen Fleming who was living in Norse Bluff, Nebraska. It is from Jessie Young, KMA Homemakers, Earl E. May Seed Company in Shenandoah, Iowa. It is stamped for March 1, 1940.

This envelope is addressed to Kathleen Fleming, Cathy Maasdam's mother, who was living in Omaha, Nebraska. It is from Kermit Fleming, Kathleen's brother, who was stationed in Italy at the end of World War 2. This envelope was stamped on May 18, 1945.…

This envelope comes from the Dean Family Collection of documents and photographs that belonged to their second maternal great-grand parents Gottlieb and Anna Schuetz, who emigrated from Switzerland in 1870 to start a new life in Humboldt,…

This is an envelope Charlotte Littlefield used to send here daughter (?) a letter from the Pershing hospital in Grand Island, Nebraska. Charlotte (Lotta, Lottie) Littlefield (nee Roberts) was Joseph Littlefield's second wife, whom he married in 1887…

This is an envelope that the United States Pension Agency probably used to send the pension certificate to Joseph Littlefield. Born in Peoria County, Illinois in 1840 Joseph Littlefield served almost three years in the Civil War as a private in…
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