School Report Card for Emma Sutorius


School Report Card for Emma Sutorius


This is the front page of the school report card of Emma Sutorius. A granddaughter of Swiss emigrants Gottlieb and Anna Schuetz, Emma was the first child of Dirk and Maria Sutorius. She married a recent emigrant from Germany (1908) Edo F. Harms in 1914. All three generations lived in Humboldt, Nebraska in close proximity with various relatives (Emma Sutorius's uncle John Schuetz lived right next door to her family according to the 1930 census).

While the Schuetz-Sutorius family attended a German-speaking church, Emma's school was English-speaking, as this report card testifies. Another interesting detail is that the card came out of a small printing shop in Falls City, Nebraska, showing that neither the structure, nor the form or even the color of the report cards was standardized.

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Richardson County, Nebraska School District 38


Family of Bill Dean, Nebraska City History Harvest, 2010


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Richardson County (Neb.)

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Richardson County, Nebraska School District 38, “School Report Card for Emma Sutorius,” History Harvest, accessed April 14, 2024,

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