"I'm a Real Kind Mama (Looking For a Loving Man) Sheet Music"

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"I'm a Real Kind Mama (Looking For a Loving Man) Sheet Music"


This 1917 “cabaret song hit”, was written and composed by Maceo Pinkard of “Sweet Georgia Brown” fame. Janice Cleary who owns this amazing collection, informs us Pinkard was a booking agent in Omaha before he moved on to New York. This song is about a woman who is, “so tired of being lonely” in a world that is, “so awfully chancy” for those who are looking for love. She says at night, “ I Doll up and meet enough” but still she has not found a man with whom she can be, “all a mama could be”.

The cover of this sheet music showcases the legendary Jewish Ukrainian American singer, Sophie Tucker, known for her brassy vocals and larger than life personality. Here Tucker is billed as, “Mary Garden of Ragtime”. The sheet music was published by Maceo Pinkard’s music publishing house in Omaha Nebraska. On the first page inside the sheet music is an advertisement for another one of Pinkard’s compositions, “The Blue Melody”. Pinkard’s Saxophone Orchestra of Omaha, known for their “syncopated walk”, is also promoted. The ad urges music lovers to look for the upcoming titles, “When He Picks that Ragtime Music”, “Teach Me that Hula Hula Dance”, “Dip Me in Your Ocean of Love”, “At that Darktown Cabaret”, and “Take Back Your Loving, I’m Through with You”

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Maceo Pinkard


Janice Cleary, North Omaha History Harvest, 2011


Maceo Pinkard




Janice Cleary


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Omaha (Neb.)

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Maceo Pinkard, “"I'm a Real Kind Mama (Looking For a Loving Man) Sheet Music",” History Harvest, accessed June 5, 2023, https://historyharvest.unl.edu/items/show/77.

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