Marilyn Harker


Marilyn Harker


This collection includes photographs depicting Marilyn Harker's relatives and the flooding of the Niobrara River in 1881, which she inherited from her Aunt Velma. The family photographs include Sunday School scenes and daily life in Clearwater, Nebraska, which contained less than 500 people. Harker's ancestors moved to Nebraska in the early 1800's. This collection was contributed at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln spring 2014 History Harvest.


Marilyn Harker, Lincoln History Harvest, 2014


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

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Mail Carriers in Clearwater, NE
A photograph of mail carrier wagons stopped in Clearwater, Nebraska. The people shown in the photograph are as follows:
first from left: Jessie Mitchel's father
second from left: Walter (Walt) Snider
third from right: Stanley Heminway
second from…

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