Steve Rothenberger


Steve Rothenberger


Steve Rothenberger Artifact Collection


Donated at the University of Nebraska-Kearney spring 2014 and June 2015 History Harvests, the Steve Rothenberger collection contains items related to Kearney, Nebraska's History from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.


April White
University of Nebraska at Kearney


Steve Rothenberger, University of Nebraska-Kearney History Harvest, 2014 and 2015




University of Nebraska at Kearney-History Harvest
April White (Curator)
Dr. Jinny A. Turman (Project Director)
Dr. Tom Kiffmeyer (Digital Photographic Archivist)


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.
History Department-University of Nebraska at Kearney


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JPEG Collection of Photographs, Scans, Postcards, and other ephemera






Kearney, Nebraska

Collection Items

Bank Notes
Rare bank notes from the American 1865 Bank Act.

Letter from Chase E. Dibble to a Military Officer at Fort Kearney, Nebraska Territory, October 17, 1866
This handwritten letter was sent from Lieutenant Chase E. Dibble to Captain James P.V. Niell at Fort Kearney, Nebraska on October 17th, 1866 regarding receipts for Quarter Master's property. The letter predates Nebraska's statehood, and was…

Sheet Music "Spirit of K.S.N."
A booklet of sheet music from the Kearney Normal School. The song is a March titled "Spirit of K.S.N."

Buffalo County Courthouse- 1911
Colored postcard with a picture of the Buffalo County Courthouse. It is addressed to Mr. J. W. Frey of Omaha, Nebraska.

Ft. Kearney Hotel Postcard
Postcard depicting the view of Kearney from Ft. Kearney Hotel.

Central Avenue Postcard
Colored postcard depicting Central Avenue, downtown Kearney, Nebraska.

St. John's Motor Court Postcard
Postcard depicting St. John's Motor Court

Souvenir Stand at Covered Wagon Postcard
Unused colored postcard from the Covered Wagon Souvenir Stand that used to be west of Kearney, Nebraska

Central Avenue Postcard
Postcard showing downtown Kearney, Nebraska c. 1910. It is addressed to Miss Violet Peterson of Funk, Nebraska

State Normal School
Postcard showing the State Normal School of Kearney, Nebraska, c. 1910. The State Normal School opened in 1905 and is now the University of Nebraska at Kearney. The postcard is addressed to Mr. Lon Caldwell of Elgin, Nebraska.
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