Schuetz-Sutorius-Harms Family Documents

Baptismal certificates, marriage certificates, and newspaper notices of the important family events in the Schuetz, Sutorius, and Harms families. The Schuetz family history starts from Gottlieb Schuetz and Anna Parli who came from Canton Berne, Switzerland to Humboldt, Nebraska in 1870. Gottlieb Schuetz and Anna Parli were the second maternal great-grandparents of Bill Dean and his family who shared the documents at the History Harvest. Their daughter Maria (Mary) Schuetz, born in 1867 in Switzerland married German-born Dirk Sutorius in Humboldt, Nebraska in 1889. Their daughter Emma, born in 1890 married a recent emigrant from Germany (1908) Edo F. Harms in 1914. All three generations lived in Humboldt Nebraska in close proximity with various relatives.