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Unknown Italian couple's wedding photograph. Surrounded by family members.

Photograph of two women (sisters in the Monaco family) in Little Italy, Omaha.

Photograph of Concetta and Salvatore Monaco in Little Italy, Omaha.

Photograph of "Great-nana sister" Nunziata Fancinllo


This is a photograph of Concetta and Salvatore Monaco or Monico with their daughter Nettie. They had six children total, one of their other daughters was Pam Rowland's mother. They lived in Little Italy and had a store on 9th and Pierce streets.

Photograph of (assumed) Italian soldier. The uniform looks US-American, but the patch on the left upper arm is reading "Italy".


Wedding photograph of Frank Laguzza and AlDona Popek. Married on June 23, 1945.

Photographs of Biaggio Laguzza (1887-1983) and Salvatore Laguzza (1894-1915) with biographical information.

Wedding portrait photograph of Ed Bennett and Julia A. (nee) Manning taken in 1898. Ed and Julia were the maternal grandparents of Cel Davis. Their names are written on the back side.
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