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Mr. Moore remembers his days at school and the railroad in an interview with UNL History Harvest graduate student assistant Rob Voss. You can find this and other stories on the History Harvest YouTube Channel.

Mr. Moore remembered the trains he took when drafted at the end of World War II in connection with items he shared - the commemorative Zephyr Plate and the replica of the first "Vista Dome" railroad car. An interview with UNL History Harvest graduate…

This 2004 limited-edition plate commemorated the Pioneer Zephyr, the diesel-powered streamline train that set the long-distance non-stop railroad record by running the 1015 miles from Denver to Chicago in 785 minutes on May 26, 1934. Across Nebraska…

A replica of the first Vista Dome car that Mr Moore boarded to return home after serving in the army in 1945. Eager to fulfill the public's expectation for post-war innovation, Burlington took the GM designers' idea to Aurora workshops to produce the…
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