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ThThis is a shawl inherited by Nancy (Saxton) Kile, from the belongings of her grandmother Lucille Nancy (Hat) Clements. The photo shows (Hat) Clements wearing the shawl. The shawl is used for events such as wacipi commonly referred to as powwow.…

This headband was beaded by Rosemary (Clements) Saxton on the loom brought in by Nancy (Saxton) Kile. Beaded on the headband is an eagle holding an American flag in each claw. Surrounding the eagle around the edges of the headband are red and blue…

This loom, and the beads belonged to Nancy Kile-Saxton's mother, Rosemary. The loom was used on the family farm, after Rosemary got married. The beads would arrive on stringers, and Nancy and her sister would play with them, leaving them all tangled…

Nancy and Cousin Cindy (Waite) Obenchain is held by their Grandmother Nancy (Hat) Clements. The trio is surrounded by Grandfather Thomas A. Clements, their other siblings and cousins.

This is a photo of Rosemary (Clements) Saxton, Lucille Nancy (Hat) Clements, Frances (Clements) Adams.

This is a photo of Nancy (Saxton) Kile’s Mother Rosemary (Clements) Saxton, Grandmother Nancy (Hat) Clements and Aunt Frances (Clements) Adams.

This is a photograph of Nancy (Saxton) Kile’s father Milo Saxton’s wife Rosemary and sisters.

This is a photograph of the Thomas A. and Lucille Nancy (Hat) Clements family.

This is a photo from Alva Sibbie's 50th anniversary celebration in 1938.
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