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A Adressograph instruction manual, a blank metal index card, and then a printed card with an address from Omaha, Ne. An Adressograph machine was used to mass send mail, the index card allowed the machine to use it for the number of mail items a…

A machine that allowed you to record your voice onto a wax cylinder. The machine could also be hooked up to a typewriter.

Home medicine kit (2).jpg
Old medicine kit with 24 different medicines. Medicine Kit created by The Red Star Medicine Company in Greely, Colorado. Medicine kit includes cures everything from snake bits to hysteria.

Curing Diseases with Electricity (2).jpg
"Treating Disease With Faradic Currents Of Electricity" was written by J.J. Mackby M.D. and published by P.G. Williams in 1901. By inducing currents of electricity using a portable Faradic Battery, also known as an Electro-Medical Shocking Coil many…

dictionary 2.jpg
World War II French and German dictionary and translator. This dictionary would have been used by a French speaking person to translate into German or vise versa. A dictionary like this would have been vital for communication between people in Europe…

magic lantern front.jpg
Electric Slide projector, uses light bulbs and glass slides. Instructions for use are in German and English.

doll in orange.jpg
This doll is wearing an orange and green dress. She has dark skin, hair, and eyes. She is wearing a leg cast and has crutches attached.

doll in red.jpg
Doll is in a Red outfit, she appears to be Caucasian with short curly brown hair. She has a back and leg brace.
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