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Black and white photograph of a man and woman in an interior room (probably a photography studio, according to the photograph's donor). It might be a photograph of photographer Alfred T. Anderson of Nebraska.

Black and white photograph of Ed Bennett, standing wearing a coat, gloves, and a derby style hat taken in 1885. This man is also in another item, "Wedding Photograph of Ed Bennett and Julia A. Manning." Ed Bennett married Julia A. Manning c. 1898 and…

Black and white photograph of Longfellow High School, built in 1890 at 303 West 22nd Street, serving as Kearney's primary high school until the 1960's. The building was demolished in 1969.

Black and white photograph taken by Solomon D. Butcher of S. D. Butcher & Son Photography Studio. Photo shows downtown Kearney, Nebraska under construction along Central Avenue and shows the location of S. D. Butcher & Son's studio.
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