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Group of letters and newspaper clippings from the Kearney Hub newspaper. This collection was contributed at the University of Kearney spring 2014 History Harvest.

A collection of 15-20 postcards that depict historic Kearney, Nebraska. Most of the photographs depicted are from 1905-1920 with some from 1950s Kearney. This collection was contributed at the University of Nebraska-Kearney spring 2014 History…

This is a Clear glass bottle made at the Midway Bottling Works in Kearney, Nebraska. The bottle dates back to 1888, and was used for beverage containment.

Wedding of Mark and Mary Anne Atchison at the Fort Kearney Hotel circa 1942. The first black and white photo shows the newly wed couple Mark and Mary Anne Atchison, with family on either side -- the bride's family to the left and the groom's to the…

These are photographs and newspaper photos featuring various aspects of Kearney, Nebraska.

A 48 lb. flour sack from Blue Mills Co. that has been mounted and framed accompanied by photographs of the original Blue Mills wood structure.
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