'I Want to See My Girl in London' sheet music

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'I Want to See My Girl in London' sheet music


This World War I song is about a soldier’s faithfulness to his country and his girl. The lyrics use the name Tommy Atkins, a term used to denote a generic British soldier, rather than a specific individual. Tommy, “while down in a trench one day”, receives a letter from his girl Anna Shannon. While she begs to see him back in London, he pledges to remain loyal to his duty in the field. The cover of this sheet music shows a drawing of a young woman in a hat and fur collar. A small photograph of the Glendale Quartette is also featured.

This is another song composed by Maceo Pinkard, best know for his hit, “Sweet Georgia Brown”. Pinkard collaborated with lyricist Con T’lam and Edwin Dicey who arranged this 1916 tune for orchestra. Janice Cleary who owns this amazing collection, informs us from her research that Pinkard was a booking agent and music publisher in Omaha before he moved on to New York. The sheet music was published by Independent Music Publishing Company 850 50 23rd Street Omaha Nebraska. On the first page inside the sheet music is an advertisement for “It’s Back to Tennessee for Mine” with lyrics also by Con T’lam and composed by L. A. Clark. This ad urges music lovers to, “Buy it in Omaha” with “Popular Music” at “Popular Prices.”

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Con T. Lam, Maceo Pinkard, Edwin Dicey


Janice Cleary, North Omaha History Harvest, 2011


Independent Music Publishing Company




This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.






Omaha (Neb.)

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Con T. Lam, Maceo Pinkard, Edwin Dicey, “'I Want to See My Girl in London' sheet music,” History Harvest, accessed June 7, 2023, https://historyharvest.unl.edu/items/show/184.

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