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This item is a silk flag that was hanging at the First Plymouth Church in Lincoln, Nebraska. There are blue stars with names of those from the church who served in World War I written on them.

Charlie Eickhoff's father Frank Eickhoff was a son of Elizabeth Eickhoff (nee Bruns) and Edward Eickhoff from the small town of Crofton in Knox County, Nebraska. Born in 1895, Frank Eickhoff served in the cavalry in World War I. In 1928, Frank…

Margaret Dean talked about the fate of her German American family in the years between the World Wars (1914 - 1945) to UNL History Harvest graduate student assistant Leslie Working. You can find this and other stories on the History Harvest…

This World War I song is about a soldier’s faithfulness to his country and his girl. The lyrics use the name Tommy Atkins, a term used to denote a generic British soldier, rather than a specific individual. Tommy, “while down in a trench…
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