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A group of African American men in North Omaha reporting for induction into the military during World War II. Despite a segregated U.S. military, nearly four million African American soldiers served their country during WWII.

A melancholy letter from Kermit Fleming, stationed in Italy in 1945 to his sister, Kathleen Fleming. Kermit claims "the war is over." He describes staying in a barren hotel with only cots and some electric lights. Throughout the letter, he expresses…

This is Dean High's honorable Discharge from the United States Army.

chdr_model B24_ww2_wyman nemecek_3.5.14.jpg
This is a wooden model of a B24 Bomber that Wyman Nemecek and his crew flew during World War Two from 1943-1945.

chdr_shadow box2_wyman nemecek_ww2_3.5.14.jpg
These are Shadow boxes put together with photos, patches, medals, and pins from the time Wyman Nemecek served in the United States Army Air Force (USAAF) during World War Two. Wyman was a tail gunner and flew in forty-two missions in the South…

This is a Charter for the formation of the Dawes County Barracks #2296 for Veterans of World War One. It was signed into effect on the Ninth of September, 1960. It consists of 44 names ranging from Andrus to Williams. A list of the names to include:…

hh_Chadron_02_23_2014 (2).jpg
This Japanese Nambu firearm is an 8-MM caliber. Its serial number is 58668. Its note with the weapon states that it came from the South Pacific during World War Two. The crude workmanship on the firearm suggests that it was made hastily for a…

WW2 US M1A2-1-1 Non-Combatant Gas Mask

This is a US homefront item. As issued during World War II. This is a gas mask that was issued to civilians in the cities of the United States. Complete with canvas carrying case and instructions…

This letter from Betty Sengstake to Eugene Sengstake Sr. discusses Ruth's, Eugene's wife, pregnancy as well as Betty's engagement.

Eugene Wagner Sengstake Sr. of Lincoln, Nebraska, served in the 100th Medical Regiment and later as a B-24 pilot.…

This is a letter from Ruth Sengstake Sr. to her husband Eugene Sengstake Sr. In this letter, Ruth writes her husband updates Eugene on current events in her life.

Eugene Wagner Sengstake Sr. of Lincoln, Nebraska, served in the 100th Medical…
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