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19th Century brass French bed finial found at historic Fort Kearny, Nebraska.

19th Century ox-shoes and single horseshoe from historic Fort Kearny, Nebraska.

19th Century Cannonballs or Field Artillery Ammunition found at Fort Kearny, Nebraska

Piece of nineteenth century metal spoon or fork handle found at Dobytown, Nebraska historic site in 1989.

19th Century Bullet casing with rim-fire from Dobytown, Nebraska

Late 19th Century screw thread eye from Dobytown, Nebraska historic site

Full vitreous stoneware ink bottle from P & J Arnold of London, England. This was part of the Denby Pottery Company near Derby, England. Artifact's spout is broken and the lettering is worn, but upon further research the full label should…

Piece of brown stoneware found at the Dobytown, Nebraska site in 1989. Words present on the pipe are "derby" (top) and "& J. Arnold, London (bottom). Vessel most likely held ink. (See SAR story via link)

This Trippensee Planetarium c. 1900 was created and originally used for educational purposes in a classroom setting. It had possibly been found by John Spahr in a schoolhouse near Shelton, Nebraska. The object is made of various materials, and still…

Promotional leather pouch from the State Bank of Belvidere in Nebraska. Text reads, "Start a Bank Account and Watch it Grow. Compliments of State Bank of Belvidere. Belvidere, Neb." Pouch also contained a 1952 American quarter.
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