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Four black and white photographs of "Burt" Fox, Hubert. He is the one wearing the light-colored fur/feather chaps. In the photograph where he is on another man's shoulders, the second man has not been identified.

Handcrafted, wooden box c. 19th century. Box opens with the top lid, and contains several removable, wooden drawers and compartments. Sear Family attests that the box was handcrafted.

Four black and white photographs (daguerreotypes) in their original boxes. Each box has red fabric (possibly velvet or velveteen), a gold-colored frame (possibly real gold or gold gilt), with decoration on the outside of the box, and each has a small…

This Trippensee Planetarium c. 1900 was created and originally used for educational purposes in a classroom setting. It had possibly been found by John Spahr in a schoolhouse near Shelton, Nebraska. The object is made of various materials, and still…
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