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Buggy Wrench.jpg
This is an 1800s Buggy Wrench. Buggies back then used square nuts. The one side of the wrench has three different sized notches for the nuts and the other side has a complete square to go over the top of the wrench and tighten it that way, similar to…

This folding chair cane was used at the 1939 New York Fair. It is unique in the fact that it is a cane that can fold out into a chair. This was mostly designed for elderly people and people with physical disabilities who attended the fair who…

A Adressograph instruction manual, a blank metal index card, and then a printed card with an address from Omaha, Ne. An Adressograph machine was used to mass send mail, the index card allowed the machine to use it for the number of mail items a…

This is a photo from Alva Sibbie's 50th anniversary celebration in 1938.

chdr_flag_op enduring freedom_wyman nemecek_3.5.14.jpg
This is a flag that was flown over Afghanistan during Operation Enduring Freedom in December 2012. The flag was flown by Wyman Nemecek's son-in-law, Major Jeremiah Guild. Guild flew a B1B Stealth Bomber and always flies with an American Flag.

These "heads of Native American war clubs" were found near Sheridan Gates by Rev. E.C. Newland, Prof. E.P. Wilson and Mr. A.E. Sheldon (Secretary of the Nebraska State Historical Society) on trips to locate points of historic interest in anticipation…

incubator (2).jpg
This baby incubator was used in the 1930's. The development of the incubator was in the early stages and was just recently entering hospitals. The incubator mainly keep the premature baby in a warm environment.

chdr_baby quilt_virginia whalstrom_3.5.14.jpg
This quilt was made by Virginia Wahlstrom's grandmother when she was five years old. It was made in the early 1900's, and the quilt was made for her baby dolls.

This loom, and the beads belonged to Nancy Kile-Saxton's mother, Rosemary. The loom was used on the family farm, after Rosemary got married. The beads would arrive on stringers, and Nancy and her sister would play with them, leaving them all tangled…
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