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This is a Charter for the formation of the Dawes County Barracks #2296 for Veterans of World War One. It was signed into effect on the Ninth of September, 1960. It consists of 44 names ranging from Andrus to Williams. A list of the names to include:…

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This U.S. Springfield Rifle, Krag Model 1898, 30-40 Rifle has a serial number of 118895. It was donated to the Dawes County Historical Society Museum in June of 2005 by Al Gusner. Al acquired the rifle in the will of Robert Afraid of Bear, who he had…

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This Japanese Nambu firearm is an 8-MM caliber. Its serial number is 58668. Its note with the weapon states that it came from the South Pacific during World War Two. The crude workmanship on the firearm suggests that it was made hastily for a…

A painting of a Lakota man by local painter Burdette Corly. Corly lived from March 9, 1904 to August 14th 1979.The painting was donated in 1984.

The Winchester Model 94 is a lever action rifle known around the world and especially the United States as the “gun that won the west.” It has been an icon in Western history and is easily recognizable due to its signature reloading action and…

The Colt Model 1908 is the original pocket pistol. With its concealability and a 6+1 capacity in the magazine, it made 2-shot Derringers a thing of the past. This .25 acp pocket pistol became popular with officers as a backup pistol, and with…

This folding chair cane was used at the 1939 New York Fair. It is unique in the fact that it is a cane that can fold out into a chair. This was mostly designed for elderly people and people with physical disabilities who attended the fair who…

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This is an 1800s Buggy Wrench. Buggies back then used square nuts. The one side of the wrench has three different sized notches for the nuts and the other side has a complete square to go over the top of the wrench and tighten it that way, similar to…

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This baby incubator was used in the 1930's. The development of the incubator was in the early stages and was just recently entering hospitals. The incubator mainly keep the premature baby in a warm environment.

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A wooden steel stringed zither, or lap harp, painted brown and black with gold trim around the sounds hole and a golden eagle decal.
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