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Harp 1.jpg
A wooden steel stringed zither, or lap harp, painted brown and black with gold trim around the sounds hole and a golden eagle decal.

knife 1.jpg
This WW2 German Nazi K-98 Waffen SS bayonet would have fit on a Kar-98 rifle. This item is fairly rare due to the fact that the belt is with the bayonet and also that the scabbar is included.

WW2 US M1A2-1-1 Non-Combatant Gas Mask

This is a US homefront item. As issued during World War II. This is a gas mask that was issued to civilians in the cities of the United States. Complete with canvas carrying case and instructions…

dictionary 2.jpg
World War II French and German dictionary and translator. This dictionary would have been used by a French speaking person to translate into German or vise versa. A dictionary like this would have been vital for communication between people in Europe…

The Winchester Model 94 is a lever action rifle known around the world and especially the United States as the “gun that won the west.” It has been an icon in Western history and is easily recognizable due to its signature reloading action and…

Chdr_Model Steam Engine_DCHS_2.12.14 (2).jpg
The Weeden Manufacturing Company was located in New Bedford, Massachusetts. The upright steam engine, of which more than 110 different models were made, was one of two types of toy steam engines the company made. From the Weeden Catalogue listing:…

hh_Chadron_02_23_2014 (4).jpg
This U.S. Springfield Rifle, Krag Model 1898, 30-40 Rifle has a serial number of 118895. It was donated to the Dawes County Historical Society Museum in June of 2005 by Al Gusner. Al acquired the rifle in the will of Robert Afraid of Bear, who he had…

Curing Diseases with Electricity (2).jpg
"Treating Disease With Faradic Currents Of Electricity" was written by J.J. Mackby M.D. and published by P.G. Williams in 1901. By inducing currents of electricity using a portable Faradic Battery, also known as an Electro-Medical Shocking Coil many…

A machine that allowed you to record your voice onto a wax cylinder. The machine could also be hooked up to a typewriter.

1000 mile Revolver.jpg
This is a Single Action Colt Revolver Model 1873 (serial number 150681). The revolver was awarded to Joe Gillespie for winning the 1,000 Mile Horse Race from Chadron to Chicago in 1893. The revolver was given by the Colt Revolver Company. The…
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