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This is an image of two African American service men standing in front of a sign at the 3520th Flying Training Wing. This unit was located at McConnell Air Force Base near Wichita, Kansas beginning in 1952. For interviews and oral histories of this…

This is an Omaha Star clipping of Charles F. Thomas at 18. The son of North Omaha resident, Annie M. Thomas, Charles was completing his training in the Air Force when this picture was taken. For interviews and oral histories of this and other items…

An old war uniform button. It is very worn down, but looks like it depicts an eagle and a shield. Button was found by Merwyn Henderson.

An old belt buckle stamped with "US." Found by Merwyn Henderson at/near Fort McPherson in Nebraska.

Three military buttons depicting an eagle with a shield. Original record from 06/20/2015 wrote- (1) Army uniform button v. Waterburg (CT), (2) and (3) also. Numbers refer to each button. Buttons found by Merwyn Henderson.

This Congressional Gold Medal was presented to Ralph Orduna’s family by Congressman Lee Terry in 2006. The medals were awarded to all members of the Tuskeegee Airmen by the United States Congress, and issued by the United States Mint. The…

A portrait of fighter pilot Ralph Orduna in uniform.Ralph Orduna was a fighter pilot in World War 2. He earned the rank of 2nd Lieutenant and was part of the "Tuskeegee Airmen". He was part of the 301 Fighter Squadron of the 15th Air Force's 332…

This collage depicts several examples of community involvement. The articles vary in topic, but include pastors at the St. John Baptist Church and the African Methodist Episcopal Church. For interviews and oral histories of this and other items…

This collage depicts several examples of North Omaha community activities. The images vary in topic, but include the Rattler's Club preparing food baskets for charity, a baby contest, and Boys' Club wrestlers. For interviews and oral histories of…

This photo shows Ralph Orduna being interviewed by a television journalist in Chicago at Midway Airport in 1981. Behind them is a P-51 Mustang fighter jet, the same kind of aircraft Orduna flew in combat during World War II. Mr. Orduna’s son…
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