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Black and white postcard of a Barnum & Bailey parade in Kearney, Nebraska on Central Avenue. The parade shows men riding on elephants down Central Ave. The postcard is from F. M. Barney, an early resident of Elm Creek and early photographer,…

Black and white postcard, photograph taken by Solomon D. Butcher of S. D. Butcher & Son Photography Studio. It shows an older man sitting in front of a farm house with a bunch of farming equipment and miscellaneous objects. It is addressed to Mrs.…

Metal, red and gold colored miniature bank to promote the Fort Kearney State Bank of Kearney, Nebraska.

An original, metal lock found at Fort Niobrara by Merwyn Henderson. The Lock reads "Eagle Lock Co. Terryville, CT, U.S.A." The patent number is FEB 25 1896.

Cast-iron horse tack (#13) from Kearney, Nebraska found by Merwyn Henderson.

Two mammoth teeth found by Merwyn Henderson near the Platte River in a gravel pit south of Kearney, Nebraska.
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