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Black and white postcard, photograph taken by Solomon D. Butcher of S. D. Butcher & Son Photography Studio. It shows an older man sitting in front of a farm house with a bunch of farming equipment and miscellaneous objects. It is addressed to Mrs.…

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Book titled "A Flowering: A Festival: Writing and Storytelling Festival for Older Nebraskans. The story, "Grandpa Johnny" (p. 54-59), was written by Ronald M. Rockenbach in the 1970s and published on May 23, 1981 within this collection of works…

Humorous postcard meant to illustrate how fertile Nebraska's farmland was. Photograph has been altered by Solomon D. Butcher in order to make the potatoes in the cart look gigantic.

These three pages out of a notebook represent everyday records a farmer would have kept to document his interactions with workers, neighbors, and livestock and lumber traders. This particular notebook belonged to Betty Stukenholtz's great…
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