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This is a postcard depicting Kearney, Nebraska's original U.S. Post Office building. Erected in 1910, this building has since become the Museum of Nebraska Arts.

A 48 lb. flour sack from Blue Mills Co. that has been mounted and framed accompanied by photographs of the original Blue Mills wood structure.

A post card with the historic Midway Hotel and Kearney, Nebraska's Soldiers' Monument. The Midway Hotel depicted on this postcard was once the pride of Kearney. It was quite possibly the most ornate building in the town before it burned down and was…

These framed photographs. newspaper advertisement, and business cards are from a Kearney area General Motors dealership started by George Sobotka {George's Super Surv later to be named George Motor Co.]. The final photo contains all the salesmen…

A booklet of sheet music from the Kearney Normal School. The song is a March titled "Spirit of K.S.N."

This handwritten letter was sent from Lieutenant Chase E. Dibble to Captain James P.V. Niell at Fort Kearney, Nebraska on October 17th, 1866 regarding receipts for Quarter Master's property. The letter predates Nebraska's statehood, and was…

This is a Clear glass bottle made at the Midway Bottling Works in Kearney, Nebraska. The bottle dates back to 1888, and was used for beverage containment.

This is a collection of Kearney Hub newspapers from the mid-twentieth century. The Kearney Hub as provided Kearney, Nebraska with news since the 1880s.

The Kearney High Class of 1905 attending their reunion as shown in The Kearney Hub Newspaper. The photograph originally appeared in the Hub in 1960.
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