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This is the second incarnation of the amberol cylinder that Edison Laboratories used after Edison purchased the patent for Thomas B. Lambert's celluloid cylinder. It replaced the previous wax cylinders beginning in 1912.

"What'll I Do?" was…

Song written to commemorate the semi-centennial of Chadron by J.G.C. Akers in 1935

Curing Diseases with Electricity (2).jpg
"Treating Disease With Faradic Currents Of Electricity" was written by J.J. Mackby M.D. and published by P.G. Williams in 1901. By inducing currents of electricity using a portable Faradic Battery, also known as an Electro-Medical Shocking Coil many…

Vinyl record of Prairie Fire's album Just for You. This was the band's introductory album. Prairie Fire was formerly known as the Cadillac Cowboys.

1000 mile Revolver.jpg
This is a Single Action Colt Revolver Model 1873 (serial number 150681). The revolver was awarded to Joe Gillespie for winning the 1,000 Mile Horse Race from Chadron to Chicago in 1893. The revolver was given by the Colt Revolver Company. The…

Red papier-mache fireman's hat with black lettering commemorating the 50th anniversary of Chadron, Nebraska in 1935.

Belonged to Cyrus Byerly. A member of the 37th Regiment Infantry out of Illinois. Known as the "Fremont Rifles" and "Illinois Greyhounds." The 37th were involved in the Battle of Pea Ridge, March 6-8th 1862, the Battle at Prairie Grove in December of…

Enameled and plated metal typewriter with seven rows of black and white colored composition keys and black roller; enameled metal carrying case with oak base and handle; a: typewriter, b: base, c: cover

Information provided by…

WW2 US M1A2-1-1 Non-Combatant Gas Mask

This is a US homefront item. As issued during World War II. This is a gas mask that was issued to civilians in the cities of the United States. Complete with canvas carrying case and instructions…
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