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This is a Charter for the formation of the Dawes County Barracks #2296 for Veterans of World War One. It was signed into effect on the Ninth of September, 1960. It consists of 44 names ranging from Andrus to Williams. A list of the names to include:…

doll in red.jpg
Doll is in a Red outfit, she appears to be Caucasian with short curly brown hair. She has a back and leg brace.

doll in orange.jpg
This doll is wearing an orange and green dress. She has dark skin, hair, and eyes. She is wearing a leg cast and has crutches attached.

This is the second incarnation of the amberol cylinder that Edison Laboratories used after Edison purchased the patent for Thomas B. Lambert's celluloid cylinder. It replaced the previous wax cylinders beginning in 1912.

"What'll I Do?" was…

Chdr_Gilbert Microscope_DCHS_2.12.14 (2).jpg
The Porter Chemical Company and the A. C. Gilbert Company began making chemistry laboratory kits in the early 20th century. They were originally marked as educational toys for boys, as a first step towards a career in medicine and science. Most…

revovler 2.jpg
This Iver Johnson .22 snub nose revolver was found buried underneath an old barn around the Dawes County, Nebraska area in 2007.

hh_Chadron_02_23_2014 (2).jpg
This Japanese Nambu firearm is an 8-MM caliber. Its serial number is 58668. Its note with the weapon states that it came from the South Pacific during World War Two. The crude workmanship on the firearm suggests that it was made hastily for a…

Vinyl record of Prairie Fire's album Just for You. This was the band's introductory album. Prairie Fire was formerly known as the Cadillac Cowboys.
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