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Black and white postcard of an elephant parade in Kearney, Nebraska. Photograph taken by Solomon D. Butcher of S. D. Butcher & Son Photography Studio.

This collage depicts several examples of North Omaha community activities. The images vary in topic, but include the Rattler's Club preparing food baskets for charity, a baby contest, and Boys' Club wrestlers. For interviews and oral histories of…

This is an image of the winner's float in the Kellom Council's Easter Parade. The caption reads, "Catherine Pope appearing on the Winning Float in the Kellom Council's Easter Parade. The Float was the Kellom Council entry. Catherine was first…

Black and white postcard of a Barnum & Bailey parade in Kearney, Nebraska on Central Avenue. The parade shows men riding on elephants down Central Ave. The postcard is from F. M. Barney, an early resident of Elm Creek and early photographer,…
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